Jack and the Beanstalk

The Over Players

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Cow Looking Nervous PicturePanto Time

Jack and the Beanstalk
Tuesday 10th December to Saturday 14th December 2002

7.30PM in the Community Centre (except Tuesday 10th which starts at 6.30PM)
Saturday Matinee starts at 2.00PM

It's time for Jack and Daisy the cow to take on the Giant again......Fe Fi Fo Fum!!!!

It's the same old story...........

Our hero, Jack, is a typical folklore hero, lazy, unscrupulous but with a heart of gold.  Jack is sent by his mother  to sell their favourite, and only cow 'Daisy'.

Jack, having taken the unwilling Daisy to market is tricked out of his money, and returns home with a handful of beans. These beans, when thrown out of the window by his mother, are in fact 'Magic' beans, and a giant beanstalk grows on stage.  Here Act One ends with our hero, Jack starting to climb the beanstalk....................

To learn what happens to Jack, and how he deals with the Giant, you will have to come to the Pantomime and find out!!!!


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