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Jack and the Beanstalk
Tuesday 10th December to Saturday 14th December 2002

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The Joint Directors

The Musical Director


"The Princess"

"Billy" "Wally"


"Mrs Trott"

"Mummy" "Hag"

"The King"

"Squire Sylvestor"  "Grusum"

"Patty O'Doors"

"The Housekeeper"

"The Fairy"


"The Cow Team"

"Cast Members"

"Harp"  "More Cast Members"

"Even More Cast Members"

"Chorus Members Picture 1"

"Chorus Members Picture 2"

"Jack and Princess in Rehearsal"

"Wally" and "Billy" in Rehearsal"

"Church Hall Rehearsals"

"More Church Hall Rehearsals"

"The Finale Rehearsal!!!"

"Outside Trott's Dairy"

"Outside Trott's Dairy"

"Big Spender" number

"The Schoolroom"

"The Fairy Glen"

"The Giant's Castle" 1st scene

"The Giant's Castle" 1st scene

"The Monster Mash" number

"The North Tower"

"The North Tower"

"The Giant Castle" 2nd scene

"The Giant's Castle" 2nd scene

"The End!!!"`

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