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Dick Whittington and his Cat

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Dick Whittington and his Cat
12th - 15th December 2007
at The Community Centre, Over

37627115Poor Dick Whittington, he's going nowhere. No money and no job - just a huge crush on the lovely (but very posh) Alice, daughter of Alderman Fitzwarren, the richest man in London. Still, he can dream; and luckily he's befriended by a streetwise Cockney cat called Tommy who offers to help him. Sarah the Cook has a problem with rats: they are in her kitchen, but Idle Jack, with his pet hamster looking suspiciously like a rat, is no help. Queen Rat is formulating her plans for rat world domination and the first step is to become Lord Mayor of London. Fairy Bowbelle is also formulating a plan - that Dick will become Lord Mayor! But things take a serious turn for the worse when Queen Rat has him at her mercy in Sultan Pepper's Moroccan palace.

Will Tommy come to the rescue? Will there be a happy ending? Can Dick become Lord Mayor and get the girl? Will Queen Rat be defeated? Will the audience participation song ever finish? Find out at the Over Players pantomime! Expect songs, dances, terrible jokes, lots of thigh slapping and pantomime fun that will have you in stitches.

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