The Over Players

Run For Your Wife

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by Ray Cooney
Friday 27th September : Saturday 28th September 2002

8.00pm in the Community Centre

Man Running Picture

The plot develops involving John Smith, a London cabbie, who is happily married to Mary and, at the same time, happily married to Barbara. Two policemen, Troughton and Porterhouse, also get wrapped up in the story due to an unthinking act of heroism on the part of John Smith, and just helping to add to the confusion are the upstairs neighbours from each of the Smith residences, Stanley and Bobby. The complications that his heroic act causes steadily progress from bad to extremely bad.

 This farce by Ray Cooney is a new innovation for The Over Players and is a show definitely not to miss if you like to laugh, as laughter is guaranteed. Forget the tele for a night and book your ticket soon as there are only two performances. Booking form on separate page.


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