Return to the Forbidden Planet

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Return to the Forbidden Planet

A Rock and Roll Musical by Bob Carlton

Directed and Produced by John Lamoon
Wednesday 30th May to Saturday 2nd June 2007
at The Community Centre, Over

32419372It is a cold winters night in 2009 and mad Doctor Prospero is working on his mysterious secret formula which he hopes will help him to change the world.  Working with him in his laboratory is his wife, Gloria.

Unfortunately for the good Doctor, Gloria is not a nice person and wants the secret formula for herself.  She overpowers her husband and fires him into deep space locked in an old spacecraft.  What Gloria does not know is that their baby daughter, Miranda, was also aboard the spaceship.  And therefore both father and  daughter are propelled light years into the future.

Our story now moves forward a number of years, and we find ourselves aboard the good Starship Albatross, which is on a routine interplanetary survey flight.  In command is Captain Tempest, a square-jawed Boy's Own paper sort of hero.  He is assisted by an assortment of crew members which includes his Science Officer, a stronger willed women you will never meet!!  Other members of the crew include Bosun Arras, Cookie - the ship's cook, the Navigation Officer and of course, the ever present Damage Control Crew.

All is going well with the flight until the Albatross is hit by a violent storm of asteroids and meteors.  The "heroic" Science Officer takes to the starship's only emergency space shuttle and makes good her escape.  In the meantime the Albatross is caught in a strange force field and starts to be pulled down towards the planet D'Illyria, a world which is not marked on any of their charts!!!

And so it's get out your ray guns, prepare for Reverse Polarity and let the story continue...........

The show, Return to the Forbidden Planet features music from the 1950' and 60's and includes songs such as Good Vibrations, Teenager in Love, Great Balls of Fire, Robot Man and Monster Mash.  To see a complete listing of the songs please click here

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