Mallorca 2003

The Over Players

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Mallorca Tour 5th to the 12th March 2003

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After their sell out tour in the Czech Republic in 1997, the Players took their unique blend and style of Music Hall to the people of the Balearic Islands in October 1999.

Despite official protests from the Spanish Embassy and the International Red Cross, the Players vowed to return.  The Players are, therefore, fulfilling their promise to the population of Mallorca and are taking a Music Hall show to Palma.

The show will be performed on Friday 7th March 2003 in the Coleman Hall of the Anglican Church in Palma.  It should be noted this production is in association with Vicar Productions - more tea vicar???

Due to the anticipated huge demand, tickets will be limited - please contact Jose at "El Chippo Shoppie" in Palma for late booking details.


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