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Jack & the Beanstalk

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Jack & the Beanstalk


Written by award-winning professional writer Peter Denyer and directed by Alex Turpin

8th to 12th December 2015

The show is a traditional family-friendly pantomime which follows the story of Jack (Kirsty Smillie) and his encounter with the Giant Blunderbore (Peter Milbank) with his henchman the evil Fleshcreep (Jamie Tipple)

Helping him along the way is the magical Fairy Moonbeam (Jane Beresford), his mother Dame Dotty Trot (Andrew Jordan), his brother Silly Billy Trot (Matt Sweeney) and Jill (Steph Swan), the local squire's daughter, to whom Billy has taken quite a liking.

King Maurice (Leslie Wheeler) & Grabbit (Olly Hockin), his faithful henchman are, however, after the Trots for the rent money, otherwise the King will be a Royal Kebab for the Giant!  As a result the Trots have to sell poor old Daisy the Cow (Rose Beresford & Martha Peterson), but when Jill and Daisy are both captured and a giant beanstalk grows in the garden, Jack is determined to save them both, bring back the King's fortunes and take care of the giant once and for all.

Packed with comedy, slapstick, great musical numbers and plenty of audience participation for all the family, this is not to be missed!



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