The Over Players

Outside Edge

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The Over Players
in association with Samuel French

present the classic comedy

Outside Edge

24th - 26th May 2012
at The Community Centre, Over

34642273In May, the Over Players present their latest production: the classic 1970's comedy 'Outside Edge'.

Team Captain Roger Dervish (Andrew Jordan)  is desperately trying to assemble his team to take on the might of the British Railways Maintenance Division Yeading East cricket team. His long-suffering wife, Miriam (Debbie Hunt), is equally desperate – to ensure that her famed cricket tea is up to its usual standard.

Although all-rounder Bob (Phil Norton) turns up to tell Roger he can't play, a ready substitute arrives in ageing Lothario, Dennis (Chas Barclay), always eager to help out.

So when demon spinner Kevin (Martin George) and star batsman Alex (Charlie Barclay) arrive, it looks like Roger has his team.  Unfortunately he had not reckoned on the players' wives and girlfriends, who only serve to complicate matters. Maggie (Helen Foster) insists on cuddling her 'little Kev' in her huge fur coat, Bob's wife, Ginnie (Helen Scully), suddenly appears wondering where her errant husband is and poor Sharon (Megan Scully) is so overwhelmed by her lack of social skills, she locks herself in the loo.

Outside Edge was turned into a highly successful TV series in the 1990s starring Robert Daws, Brenda Blethyn, Josie Lawrence and Timothy Spall and continues to be an extremely popular play with theatre groups all over the UK.

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