A Tribute to Dave Warren

The Over Players
Dave Warren

Dave Warren

We would like to pay a warm tribute to Dave Warren, a long time friend, member and supporter of the Over Players, who sadly died in January 2021. 

Dave was the very stuff of what "being part of the community" means and a tremendous role model for getting involved.  This humble kind man was known, and liked, by so many people and a bit of a "legend" to many (not so) young people in Over and beyond. 

Dave Warren as The Giant To the Over Players he was a great friend, always willing to volunteer to lend a hand, whether making props, in front of the curtain or backstage. 

Friendship is the lifeblood of community theatre and many first-night fish and chip suppers were held at Dave and Julia's house, where we stayed too late so many times. 

Dave specialised in cameo appearances played with tremendous charm, a naughty twinkle with a deep belly laugh when he forgot his lines that had everyone laughing right along with him. 

Who could forget his appearances as The Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk (1986) or the Mummy in Aladdin (twice!) that had small children shrieking?  They didn't notice his un-scary carpet slippers! 


Dave Warren in String Vest! He also played a fairy in a string vest and balloons with Mac Ginn, adding a dose of chaos and stealing the show. 

In later years, as Father Christmas, this gentle man was in his absolute element handing out balloons to children at the end of a panto.

Dave Warren in Grass Skirt and Coconuts!  


To Julia, his sons, grandchildren and extended family we send our condolences.


Dave was an absolutely lovely man who will be genuinely missed by many people, including
The Over Players.


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