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Something for Everyone

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  • The Main Show

    Something for Everyone
    Friday 12th and Saturday 13th September 2008
    at Over Community Centre starting at 7:45pm
    and Friday 3rd October 2008
    at the Coleman Hall of the Anglican Church, Palma de Mallorca

    The show is a side-splitting variety of short plays, excerpts from TV and Radio plus a selection of music to suit all tastes.  The short plays are from the Coarse Acting series of plays designed to portray the am-dram try hard, but not quite succeed, group where things do not go to plan.  There is the "Collier's Tuesday Tea" based on the realistically funny, working class dramas of D H Lawrence; "Present Slaughter" which is the humorous style of Noel Coward; and "Pride of Southanger Park" which is in the well known style of Jane Austin.  Television is represented by "The Vicar of Dibley" and Radio by "Round the Horne".  In addition "Andy Pandy and Teddy" return to the stage.  The music will be a wide selection which will include Something for Everybody.

    Details of the cast of each of the shows can be found by clicking on their respective tabs.

    We would like to thank our sponsor, DisplayLink(UK) Ltd, who have made a donation to help with the cost of putting on our productions.  Please visit their Web Site by clicking here

  • Collier's Tea Party
  • Present Slaughter
  • Southanger Park
  • Vicar of Dibley
  • Round The Horne
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