Billy the Musical

The Over Players

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SHOW DATES 12 - 15 June 2002

Over Community Centre

Poor old Billy - in his dreams he can be all the things he longs to be, far away from Stadhoughton which is ".... full of lasses with headscarves pushing prams.  And big women rolling along on bad feet.  And grey old men in cloth caps reading their racing papers."  To Billy his home town is a bad Yorkshire joke and the dimmer his surroundings, the more fantastic his compensatory daydreams like his imaginary country "Ambrosia".  Neither his family nor his undertaker employers take kindly to his fantasies; nor do his three girlfriends - at least two of whom he is engaged to!!  Liz, the third, gives him a chance to escape.  Can Billy make a fantastic reality from his fantastic fantasies??  Or will he close his bedroom door and carry on dreaming?

Based on the hilarious classic "Billy Liar", the creators of  "The Likely Lads" and "Porridge" have produced a wonderful musical which in its original West End run made a star of Michael Crawford and included a little known Elaine Page as one of Billy's girlfriends.

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