Beauty & the Beast 2018

The Over Players

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The Over Players Pantomime 'Beauty and the Beast', directed by Jack Stinton 

Join in the struggle between good and evil in this everyday story of village life!  Poor Dame Dolly (Matt Sweeney) is broke.  With a hapless husband (Richard Fenwick), three daughters, Belle, Chardonnay (Charlie Bown) and Lambrini (Emma Matthews) and a horse, how can she save her café?

Belle (Kirsty Smillie) is far more interested in her books than either the vain Jean Claude (Chas Barclay) or the handsome Prince (Oliver Hockin), who is aided by the faithful Jacques (Harry Ashby).  Of course, magic changes everything as the evil Countess (Jane Beresford), infuriated by the Prince's rejection of her advances, casts a vicious spell on him, turning him into a beast.  The Rose Fairy (Abigail Law) magics a tiny loophole in the spell - he will stay a beast until he finds someone to love him as he is!

This classic children's tale has been re-imagined as a traditional pantomime.  Director and Choreographer Jack Stinton with Musical Director Mike Bernard have created a fantastic show filled with music, colour and fizzing with energy.

Emma, Matt, Kirsty, Ollie, Charlie

Above: Emma Matthews, Matt Sweeney, Kirsty Smillie, Oliver Hockin, Charlie Bown


Please check out our Interview Page where we talk to some of those involved in the production and discuss their background.




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