Babes in the Wood

The Over Players

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Babes in the Wood

A pantomime by Sean Baker and Bill Handley
13th - 16th December 2006
at The Community Centre, Over

32625286Two young orphans Bart and Lisa are sent, with Homer their faithful horse, to live with their uncle, Lord Mouldy-Wart the Sheriff of Nottingham. He just wants their money and arranges for them to be "bumped off" in the forest by his incompetent henchmen Bogey and Boil. The babes escape into the forest and badly need a hero to save them. Maid Marian is having a hard time too, trying to reject the advances of Lord Jeffrey (archer, author and part-time torturer for the Sheriff) and she also needs a hero. So do the downtrodden people of Nottingham who are having real trouble paying the Sheriff's taxes.

They all find it in the shape of one Robin Hood living in Sherwood Forest with his motley crew of Merry Men and their cook, the "lovely" Mistress Tuck. Robin is determined to get the better of the Sheriff but he gets into "Much" trouble at the archery contest. Needless to say everything is sorted out and the dastardly Sheriff gets his comeuppance in an unusual way……

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