All's Well that Ends Well

The Over Players

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shakespeare 2The Over Players are proud to present the Shakespearean comedy

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Thu 10th to Sat 12th July 2014

at The Old Vicarage Gardens

(adjacent to St. Mary's Church, Over, Cambs)

All's Well That Ends Well is set in France and Italy, and is a story of a one-sided romance between  Helen, the orphaned daughter of a famous physician, and Bertram, the son of the widowed Countess of Roussillon. 

Helen, who is under the protection of the Countess, has fallen in love with Bertram, but Bertram is leaving for the court of the King of France. 

After discovering that the King is in poor health, Helen manages to convince the Countess that she may be able to help cure him using methods learned from her late father, and she is granted leave to follow Bertram to Paris.  Against all the odds, Helen manages to restore the King's health and, in return, the King honours his promise to grant her the hand of any man in the realm, upon which she chooses Bertram. 

Bertram strongly objects, and although he is forced by the King to marry Helen. he sends her back to live with his mother in Roussillon and then leaves for Italy with his wayward friend Parolles to join the Duke of Florence's army and fight in the Tuscan wars.  Bertram writes to Helen saying he will never be her true spouse unless she obtains the family ring from his finger and becomes pregnant with his child, declaring that neither will ever happen.

Undeterred, Helen travels to Italy disguised as a pilgrim and happens to meet a kindly widow in Florence.  The widow has a daughter, Diana, whom it transpires Bertram is trying to seduce.

Helen conspires with the widow and her daughter to play a crafty trick on Bertram.  The plan works, although Bertram doesn't realise his mistake until some time later . . .

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Map & Directions to the Parish Church of St. Mary, Over

If you have any questions about the production please contact  John Lamoon

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