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The Over Players

Aladdin lettering small

A Pantomime by Sean Baker

Directed by Sean Baker

Tuesday 7th December to Saturday 11th December 2010
at The Community Centre, Over

32703435Aladdin (Helen Scully) is a dirt-poor street-rat who idles his life away dreaming of marrying the beautiful, but unattainable, Princess Yasmin (Meredith Daniel). The problem is, as his brother Wishee-Washee (Alex Turpin) points out, any commoner caught looking at the Princess will be immediately executed. Aladdin being Aladdin, however, he ignores his brother and manages to catch the Princess's eye and, this being panto, they instantly fall in love. Unfortunately for Aladdin, his meeting with the Princess is witnessed by the Chinese Policemen, Dim Sum and Dim Wit (Daniel Shears and Harry Pearce), who start to give chase.

Meanwhile, the evil Abanazar (Martin George) has journeyed all the way from Arabia to Cathay where he has heard there exists a magic lamp, said to contain a Genie (Chas Barclay) who will grant the holder any wish he wants. And what Abanazar wants is "to rule the world"!

Will Aladdin escape the police and the executioner's sword? Will he ever get to see Princess Yasmin again? Will Abanazar find the magic lamp? And will Aladdin's mother, the Widow Twankey (Rod Dundee), ever manage to develop the perfect washing powder?

All the answers to these questions will be found in this year's Over Players' panto - 'Aladdin'!

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